About ATRIS Consult

ATRIS Consult is a team of professionals with extensive practical experience in the economics, financial management, business management and other business areas. Using our practical experience in raising the economic performance of companies, knowledge of modern business methods and technologies, combined with a deep understanding of the challenges and problems facing Russian business, we help companies to manage their finances more effectively, and thereby improve the efficiency of the company as a whole. In our projects, we develop individual creative approaches to each client and jointly look for ways to solve the tasks set. The Partners of the company have more than 15 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer – (CFO), as well as experience as chief accountant and CEO, including work in international companies of various industries. If necessary, we can involve other colleagues for consulting. As a rule, young businesses have problems associated with a lack of experience or experienced specialists. We have joined together to help our clients develop with confidence. Therefore, we offer you our experience and ability to solve complex problems in the following areas:

Financial management

Business Planning

Finally you decided to start a new business. First, you will need an action plan, a calculation of the potential profitability of the project as the basis for a business plan. The business plan is designed to solve these tasks. It will give you a better understanding of what you need to do to implement your idea. You will understand what external factors will contribute or hinder the implementation of the project, and determine your niche in the market. Economic calculations will allow you to simulate scenarios, forecast risks and identify opportunities to increase profits.

Financial Outsourcing

Not all managers are strong at financial management, because do not have respective education, so they need an assistant to understand the economic situation. Most often it is the chief accountant, sometimes it is just an accountant who knows how to enter operations to 1C. But is it always enough for a business just to record past transactions? There are always different risks for the company and, as our experience shows, they can be managed. CFOs are responsible for minimizing financial risks in the company. This should be a professional responsible for strategic planning, current status analysis, cost control, and reporting to the owner. In fact, this is a person, on whom the financial and economic success of the company depends. Therefore, he is one of the highest paid specialists in the labor market. Not every company can afford to hire a CFO among small businesses. It is also not economically profitable for them, since they will not be able to load it for the entire time. Part of the functions can certainly be performed by the chief accountant. However, this will not solve the problem as a whole, because of the entirely different functional tasks. Therefore, we invite firms to use the services of ATRIS Consult. We have prepared various packages of offers, depending on your needs and company size. They will undoubtedly help you to solve your existing problems.

Financial management for international firms

Experience in international companies shows that foreign owners opening a new company in Russia, begin development by entering into outsourcing agreements with legal and accounting companies. The Russian business specifics differ from those adopted abroad. The accumulated experience of starting from scratch in Russia of such companies as P&O Nedlloyd, Lujabetoni Oy can be useful for You. Head offices always require their companies in Russia to provide timely reporting according to their standards. It is often necessary to close the accounting period in the first 3-5 days of the next month. To perform these tasks, you will need to configure additional аnalytics in 1C and automate data uploading to Excel files. There are also differences in approaches to generating the report. First of all, this is a management report, not an accounting report. ATRIS Consult Рartners will help you launch new projects in Russia or provide consulting support for existing projects.


Due to the global spread of COVID, familiar ties are collapsing and many companies have been affected by the crisis. But this is not the first crisis in our country. In 2008, there was also a crisis, but strong companies overcame it. We have practical experience in leading companies out of crisis as Directors of companies. We also recommend to enhance financial management by the introduction of Lean Manufacturing to reduce costs and improve the company’s efficiency. Therefore, we want to help you find a solution to this difficult task for your business. This will require a full analysis of the company. You should identify bottlenecks in processes where you lose efficiency. Calculate the cost of production so that you do not sell at a loss. You should also configure business processes within the company. Look at the work of your divisions through the prism of economics. We managed to bring large companies out of the crisis, so we can help you.


ATRIS Consult consulting company also specializes in corporate and individual coaching. We offer the organization of corporate seminars on Economics and Finance.

Experience of work with international companies and projects of Victor Kozlov, now the Partner of ATRIS Consult, is approved by Gratitude letter to Victor Kozlov as CEO of LLC “PCT” from Nord Stream 2 AG (Swiss) and Letter of recommendation from Lujabetoni OY (Finland)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ATRIS Consult by sending a request to e-mail office@atrisconsult.ru or by making a phone call +7 812 715 0675.

Yours faithfully,
Dmitry Sukhoterin, Partner
Victor Kozlov, Partner
ATRIS Consult  Saint-Petersburg, Russia